[12] Video Masterclasses By Queen Afua

[12] Video Masterclasses By Queen Afua

[12] Live Master Session

[12] Live Master Session with Queen Afua + The Muts (2hrs)

[12] Thursday Night Academy Workshops

[12] Thursday Night Academy with Master Teachers (90 Minutes)

[12] Mentor Circle Group Coaching Sessions

Mentors who will be there to support you throughout your journey to provide accountability, tutelage, and encouragement. Sacred Woman Spirit Kit (Maat Feather, Sacred Woman Journal, Sacred Woman Scroll)

[100+] Holistic Tools On How To Heal Yourself

[100+] Holistic Tools On How To Heal Yourself

[1] Ascension Weekend Ticket [Virtual]

[1] Ascension Weekend Ticket [Virtual] * Meet + Greet with Queen Afua, Queen Esther, The Muts + Your Sacred Sistars * Vlog Dairies (Bath House, Water RItual and Behind The Scenes) * Womb Yoga Dance with Queen Afua * Man Heal Thyself Ascension Ceremony * Sacred Woman Ascension Ceremony * Listing Of Virtual Watch Parties in Major Cities

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